Uncovered from the McDonalds archive, a never before released promotional retool of Super Mario Bros.
"Part of McDonald's effort to reach the after hours dinner demographic, Late Night McDonalds Super Mario Bros was to be a sweepstakes prize in the same vein as All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (an officially licensed graphics overlay that replaced many of the sprites with Japanese radio personalities). For Late Night, Nintendo would draw inspiration from the fast food giant's intellectual property: Koopas became milkshakes, Bullet Bills, apple pies, and Goombas, sunglass wearing Chicken McNuggets. 
Curiously, an unknown party altered the gameplay mechanics, leading to the project's "haunted" reputation and subsequent non-release. Coins were now deadly, often resulting in an instant game over. Even stranger, with the consumption of each power up (now a Super Burger and Fire Fries), Mario lost part of himself, ultimately sublimating into a hollow silhouette. To quote Karl Marx, "all that is solid, melts into air." 
To this day no one knows for certain who or what made these changes, but nonetheless, Late Night McDonalds SMB proves to be an interesting oddity in the history of corporate collaborations. So let's make it a Mac Tonight and just enjoy yourself."​​​​​​​
Late Night McDonalds Super Mario Bros is a rom hack/late-capitalist fever dream interpretation of our favorite proletariat plumber. The latest version includes expanded graphic updates and re-arranged first level. 
Starting life in 2016 for Patrick Lemieux's NES Modding course at UC Davis.